Best Arabic Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a well-known emirate for its vast variety of delights which are specially curated for every unique taste bud. The vibrant city is happening and offers a renowned and lavish dining experience, which makes it the go-to location for people looking to discover flavourful cuisines and an eventful encounter with an elegant atmosphere. The serene place has a lot of well-established restaurants to present new and fulfilling experiences in Abu Dhabi. Each of them offers an amazing atmosphere; it can be a daunting task to figure out how to choose the right restaurant to dine in.

Some considerations to keep an eye out for when deciding on a place for dining in Abu Dhabi:


  1. Ambience

It is an important element when choosing a place to eat as it completely shapes your experience. A cautiously planned and decored interior of a restaurant adds a specific kind of tone to your meals. The ambience contributes a lot towards creating stunning memories by offering visually appealing interior decor.

  1. Culinary

This becomes obvious because dining out starts with a lookout for delightful culinary to indulge in. The most fundamental part of an unforgettable dining experience is good food. Restaurants which offer authentic and tasteful cuisines prepared by qualified and trained professionals add up to the customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Customer Service

The third and very crucial part of a fine dining experience requires a restaurant’s professional members to provide the customers with humble and polite service as per their needs. Without friendly staff, a restaurant cannot ensure a smooth customer experience. It is the responsibility of the restaurant to offer its guests attentive service to service pure satisfaction in dining out.

If you are looking for a gastronomic dining experience, we bring you Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Meridian Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Our restaurant is a popular and stunning establishment offering an exceptional dining experience to our guests. We have an extensive range of cultural cuisines including authentic Lebanese among others which are specially cooked by top chefs in the industry leading to a flavourful burst with every bite. Every delicacy on our menu reflects creativity, savouring taste, and exotic flavours as we only derivate fresh, high quality and finest ingredients for our dishes. Our goal is to provide guests with an enchanting experience of tasty delicacies with a luxurious ambience and whimsical live music to elevate their experience with us.

Gibran Restaurant is an elegant journey where a gorgeous ambience meets the sophistication of cultural cuisines. Without ever compromising on our guests’ satisfaction and need, we are dedicated provide them with excellent service to leave a lasting impression. Our passion towards serving an extraordinary experience guarantees our guest gets to enjoy lavishing and perfect dining.