Best Lebanese Sweets in Abu Dhabi

Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Méridien, Abu Dhabi is a chic yet contemporary restaurant serving the most exquisite Lebanese cuisines. Our establishment has a renowned name for offering the most impeccable Lebanese cuisines, among others in the city. We also have a broad menu with other unique cuisines as well. With amazing culinary, we also have expert mixologists at our restaurant to enhance our guest’s experience with the right drinks at hand. No dining experience can go without the sweetness of sugary treats at the end. We present our guests with savory lebanese sweets.

Abu Dhabi is known for the delightful Lebanese sweets it offers. It is a vibrant city that cooks traditional and authentic Lebanese sweets which are specially curated with passed-down recipes and perfectly satisfies every sweet tooth. Lebanese sweets are known to be the best in the world because of the unique sweet flavours it brings to the plate. Lebanese desserts are sweet treats which come in a huge variety of flavours and textures. Whether you are craving some nutty sweet flavours or sweet syrupy treats, the creamy richness of Lebanese sweets would leave you enchanted with the sugary taste and make you ask for more.

Lets get to know more about them, some of the timeless Lebanese sweets are as follow’

Baklava: It is an exceptional sweet which is meticulously crafted with phyllo pastry that is delicately arranged in layers and is full of rich pistachios and walnuts for a crunch in every bite.

The symphony of flavours and texture a baklava has is compared to none other. The crispy nuts and creamy sweet syrup is an elegant combination for taste buds.

Knafeh: This irresistible treat holds a special place among lebanese sweets. It is an unimaginable combination of special soft while cheese soaked in sweet syrup and filled with orange blossom water. The unique dessert is cautiously created to bring a creamy and cheesy delight in your mouth because the sweetness it offers ensures an unforgettable taste.

Maamoul: This dessert captures the real essence of lebanese sweets. This traditional sweetdish is created by delicate shortbread pastries which are filled with explosive flavours of dates, pistachios or walnuts for a cookie dough sweetness. This unique lebasnese sweet melts away in the mouth leaving just the right sugary taste and richness of nutty flavours.

If you are a someone who has a sweet tooth and is looking for some sugarly delicacies in Abu Dhabi, then Gibran Restaurant can cater to all your needs with sweetness. Our highly trained chefs can bring the sweet culinary heritage to your table with an unforgettable experience.

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