Best Lounge in Abu Dhabi

Established in the hearts of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Meridien Hotel is a well-renowned lounge offering an exceptional ambience and delightful cuisines to our guests. We are known as one of the best lounges in Abu Dhabi for the elegant and unforgettable experience we bring to our guests. Our lounge provides attentive service, specially curated cuisines and drinks with happening moments created by our entertaining events. We ensure our guests can enjoy a spectacular evening with us that leaves them wanting more.

 As soon as you step inside the restaurant lounge, you will be enchanted by the extravagant interior decor making the ambience look chic and elegant. With plush seating arrangement and vibrant lights enhances the atmosphere of the space. Our value towards cultures is very well showcased in our authentic and contemporary decor which sets the mood for a relaxing time. The inviting environment we present attracts a lot of enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and socializing night out.

Our restaurant also offers an extensive range of delicacies specially prepared by our team of highly skilled chefs, ensuring every dish is carefully curated as per the choices of our guests.

We prioritize our guests and only source high-quality ingredients for the preparation of our dishes, which leads to a burst of flavours with every taste. Our speciality is straight from the hearts of Middle east, and Lebanese cuisines. We are famous for the quintessential Lebanese dishes we offer. With plenty of vitamins and nutrients present in Lebanese cuisine, we add authentic flavours to deliver the finest delicacies.

 With the ancient flavours, we also offer a variety of exotic beverages for tangling, energizing and refreshing experiences to our guests. Our expert mixologists combine bubbly flavours and create unique cocktails and mocktails. We also provide live music to let you enjoy your meal with soothing and whimsical music. The ambience lets you create cherishing memories by taking you on a journey of delightful culinary and drinks, elegant ambience, captivating music and exclusive service.

Gibran Restaurant and Lounge in Abu Dhabi stands out when it comes to offering an impeccable experience for its guests. We make sure you enjoy every moment from the second you step into our space.


Our highly trained team of staff give attention to all our guests and their needs because we aim at providing our guests with a first-class experience. Our personalized menu is designed for the satisfaction of every taste bud. We bring you a sophisticated yet entertaining experience that will make your every visit worthwhile.


So if you are looking for an unreal and flawless dining experience, connect with our team to book your table now!