Best Muhammara Manakish Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Middle Eastern cuisine has a renowned reputation for the amazing flavour palate it offers. With the evolving preferences of consumers, middle eastern food has transformed drastically to ensure it matches the perfect blend of the right flavours that cater to every unique taste bud.

Middle Eastern cuisines have always been beloved for the delights it brings to us, one such delight is Muhammara Manakish. It is a particular kind of flatbread specially baked with comforting goodness and rich flavours. This middle eastern dish is quite delightful and that is why it is famous across the globe for the traditional combination of flavours it has.

Muhammara Manakish can be topped with za’atar, cheese, or ground meat, whichever ingredient suits the consumer’s choices. It is a dish that goes along with different variations including the classic one which has muhammara spread over it. UAE is well known for the authentic middle eastern food it caters to the consumers. Abu Dhabi is the heart of UAE when it comes to traditional Muhammara Manakish. There are plenty of top-notch restaurants serving delicious muhammara manakish, but one stands out for the exceptional cuisines it offers, i.e. Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Méridien, Abu Dhabi.

At Gibran Restaurant, you can simply calm down your cravings for authentic and genuine middle eastern cuisines which included irresistible Muhammara Manakish. We have a team of highly trained chefs with years of experience, who use ancient recipes to prepare this unique flatbread.

We begin the preparation by doughing manakish and baking it in the hot oven with muhammara sauce on it until the bread turns crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Our expert cooks ensure the bread is heated to the right degrees to make sure the explosive flavours of muhammara manakish aren’t overcooked.

It is a delicious appetizer which can be enjoyed with any dish or you can have it with onions and

olives to add an extra layer of savoury. This middle eastern cuisine stands out because of the combination of different savours it brings to the plate. It is smoky, sweet and just enough spicy to become anyone’s favourite.

We at Gibran Restaurant not just offer our guests the mesmerizing taste of authentic middle eastern Muhammara Manakish but also have an extensive menu of various traditional delicacies, all cautiously prepared by our professional chefs.

With our commitment towards satisfying our guests’ needs, we also provide an exotic drinks menu and to add a vibrant element to the overall experience of our guests, we even bring in live music shows. Our humble staff takes care of all your needs and preferences without ever compromising on quality. The Gibran restaurant ensures at delivering a memorable dining experience to our guests.

So if you’re looking for a whimsical night away in Abu Dhabi, book your table at Gibran Restaurant now and indulge in a serene experience.