Best Tabbouleh Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Lebanon offers the world a healthful and vibrant cuisine called tabbouleh. It has gained international recognition for its refreshing and nutritious flavours. It is a popular middle eastern salad which has a heart made of parsley. Parsley is the key ingredient that provides it with a robust taste and delicate texture that lets other essentials of the dish flourish and shine.

Flat-leaf parsley is finely chopped for a distinctive appearance. Parsley is complemented by the base of bulgur wheat which serves the purpose of adding a freshness to the veggies. Water-soaked bulgur wheat is mixed with flavourful spices to elevate the taste more.

The satisfying soft palate of gentle parsley and tasteful bulgur wheat is then presented with a juicy twist that is bought in by ripe tomatoes. To balance out the sweetness and salt of all the flavours, bright red freshly picked tomatoes are diced into the blend for the harmony of all the flavours, which also makes it an integral part of the dish.

Lebanese cuisine can never miss out on adding a crunchy element to their dishes. This element is supplied by healthy green onions which are sliced for a mind and crispy taste with every bite. This part of tabbouleh additions to the healthy salad dish and flourishes the burst of flavours and overall taste for the consumer.

To top it off fresh lemon juice is squeezed onto the salad for a zesty and tangy take that brightens the overall dish. This ingredient enhances the natural taste of all the other components of the healthy middle eastern salad. To bring together all the ingredients, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil is added to the salad which provides richness and smoothness, creating a luscious taste. To complete the dish, salt and pepper are used judiciously. This seasoning can be adjusted according to personal preferences, tasting as you go along, to achieve perfect balance. 

If you are looking for an appetizing and healthy salad in Abu Dhabi, try Tabbouleh at our well-established foundation called Gibran Restaurant. We are a well-known destination in the hearts of UAE, Abu Dhabi offering Tabbouleh. It is one of the most loved culinary creations at our restaurant.

Our team of professional chefs create these traditional Lebanese salads which are refreshing and healthy. They add a fragmented special ingredient to the dish as well. Mint leaves which are finely chopped into small pieces mixed with the salad for a refreshing aroma that provides a depth of flavours. With their expertise and years of experience, they understand the need for this special treat in small amounts to enhance the taste without comprising the flavours of the rest of the elements.

So if you are looking to indulge in this tasty and nutritious salad, book your table and come down to Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Meridian Hotel, Abu Dhabi.