Falafel in Abu Dhabi

Middle Eastern food is famous all around the globe for the burst of tasteful cuisines it offers. Falafel is one such dish that has gained popularity. The origin of this exquisite dish goes back to the ancient Egyptian period. It started with the use of fava beans but in the modern world, chickpeas are the more common ingredient due to the evolving change of people’s preferences. But crispy deep-fried balls or patties from ground chickpeas or even lava beans mixed perfectly with the right flavours create the most desirable taste. Cooking it properly ensures a crunchy exterior but a soft and juicy interior.

Falafel serves a variety of taste buds because of its unique taste and versatility of flavours. Many specially curated species and chickpeas or fava beans, which are freshly soaked and drained are finely ground together to start the preparation of this beloved dish. After giving the mixture some time to settle well, it is fried in hot oil to give that crispy outer shell. The result is a savoury item ready to be added to sandwiches, pitas, salads, wraps, etc. They are served alongside tahini sauce, hummus, pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,sumac-spiced salads, and warm pita bread among others according to the specific dish.

The widespread of falafel is quite obvious because of its rich protein content and flexibility of flavours. Falafel is a diverse dish which can be served as an appetizer or even a main course dish. An excellent destination to indulge in this crispy snack is Abu Dhabi, UAE, where you can savour the authentic taste of amazing falafel cuisine.

One renowned place to taste the best falafel in Abu Dhabi is Gibran Restaurant at Le Royal Méridien. We have a team of highly trained professionals preparing the best falafel across the city with fresh ingredients and original passed-down recipes authentic to give our guests the real flavourful taste of this unique delicacy.

The Gibran restaurant is the go-to place for an incredible dining experience. We not only serve authentic falafel but have an extensive menu of cultural cuisines full of a variety of flavours to match the needs of our guests. Our expert chefs cook the delicacies cautiously to make sure you have a bast of tasty flavours with every bite.  We also have exotic beverages to enjoy while savouring delicious delights. Our humble and friendly staff delivers the guests with a smooth dining atmosphere by attentively taking care of all their needs. While the elegant and vibrant ambience at Gibran restaurant also helps enhance the overall experience of our guests.

So if you are looking to enjoy a fine dining out and try some special falafel dishes, book your table today.